Sunday, 22 November 2009

Bus Stop Britain - The Movie!

It's true! I've just made a video about what my journey will be all about, and I've posted it to YouTube.

I've tried to embed it but it doesn't seem to work, so instead why not just click here:

Or search for Bus Stop Britain.


It's started....

Its finally underway. The journey, the big one, the mad one the.... one involving lots of buses and stuff!

Let me explain what this is all about. What I'm intending to do is to travel from one end of Britain to the other using only local public transport - no trains, no long-distance coaches, no express services - to see what the country looks like from a seat at the back of the bus. And to see if it is possible to travel from one of the UK to another using only local transport - without going completely mad!

I'm also fascinated by the history of transport, so I'll be taking a close look at museums en route, and chatting the people who own and preserve old buses. And I want to take a look at the future of local public transport, because I suspect that sometime soon we are all going to have a closer look at it as petrol becomes ever more expensive and the private car becomes increasingly unviable.

Ultimately, there'll be a book about my journey (if I can find a publisher daft enough to publish it) but for the moment I'll be using this blog to chronicle my preparations and eventually to offer a daily insight into what it is like to travel through Britain by bus. When the journey actually starts in Summer 2010, I'll be posting stuff at the end of every day, giving you the chance to experience the journey yourselves.

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