Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Brighton Bus Driver 'Babe' Ban

Hmm. I should probably file these two stories under a new section named “Carry On Clippie” or something, even if neither of them are actually really laughing matters.

The first involves bus drivers in Brighton who have been warned about being too familiar with their female passengers.

Brighton and Hove Buses have been forced to warn their drivers not to be over-friendly with female passengers after a recent complaint from a lady who said that she felt the language used by the driver was demeaning to her.

She said she felt insulted after being called 'babe' when she boarded a bus.

Now, the bus company has posted warnings to all its drivers warning them that they could face the sack if they call passengers 'love', 'darling' or ‘babe’.

Given that women make up approximately 50% of the population, the company are clearly concerned that their drivers might be alienating a significant portion of the customer base. The last thing they want is for their drivers to get a reputation for leering sexism.

Mind you, one driver reckoned the whole thing was ‘... just the height of political correctness’ so perhaps there’s still some work to do.

Still, you can’t criticise the company for failing to act on customer feedback.

Meanwhile, Translink in Belfast is investigating one of its drivers after he reportedly went off-route to make an impromptu call at an off-licence while driving a bus full of passengers across the city.

One of his passengers later said she couldn’t believe what was happening when the bus turned off its normal route to make an unscheduled stop at an off-licence on the Ormeau Road

According to operator Translink, the driver has now admitted briefly abandoning his passengers and disembarking to purchase a soft drink and has apologised for his actions. However, Translink have said they will be “…following the appropriate corrective measures with this employee.”

Blimey. Does that sound like it might involve electric cattle prods or something…?

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