Monday, 30 January 2012

Villagers Complain About Too Many Buses

Sometimes, Arriva must think they just can't please anyone...

While the residents of several County Durham villages are complaining about bus services being cuts, the residents of Howden-le-Wear are complaining they have too many.

The village, which is part way between Crook and Bishop Auckland, say they will be blighted by congestion thanks to the launch of a new service which will mean that up to 20 buses are passing through their village (population: 1,234) every hour.

Arriva already operate their 1 and 1b services through the village, but now Go North East have resurrected the old OK Motor Services brand and launched their OK1 service which although it takes a slightly different route it still competes with the Arriva services and goes through the middle of the village.

This has prompted Arriva to fight back and in the next few weeks they will be launching a new X1 service that competes directly with the OK1 and... yes, goes right through the middle of the village.

Villagers say they've had enough, but can't find anyone to turn to who can sort it out. Local councillors are just as exasperated.

For his part, Martin Harris of Go North East says the OK1 service was a valuable new service for residents, and feedback had been very positive. Nigel Featham, managing director for Arriva North East, on the other hand, reckons their X1 will be "great news for the community."

Well, perhaps not every community... Howden-le-Wear, for example.

Anyway, one local councillor reckons that both bus companies should work together. But they won't, of course – that would be anti-competitive. Isn't that what the Competition Commission report was all about?

What a mess...

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  1. I can (all too easily) recollect a situation wherein a parish council complained that four bus departures per day (mostly at school session times) Mondays to Saturdays was excessive and asked the County Council to withdraw their subsidised service...

    Clearly a case of too many posh pricks...